Upon the land, no matter what kind of creative work it is, there are people working hard, showing their best, waiting for the chance to be discovered. But the question for everyone is: are we really doing our best? Without a proper platform for showcase, it’s like a salesman without a business card, you can’t get anything sell out. The reason could be whether you are incapable for building a website or it’s too convenient to use those community sites, such as Flickr, Tumblr...etc. The result is, you’re not trying to manage and to present your works in an appropriate way,and to let out the essential quality within your work.

In this age, the internet is the easiest tool to communicate with people around the world. We could have our exhibitions in New York City without taking a flight crossing countries; we could show updates of our recent project to a friend in Tokyo anywhere or anytime we want. We break through borders with the internet, that’s where we started the Astronaut Project. This project is aim to send everyone into the sky or anywhere they want to be - even into the universe. Please keep this in mind: It’s not too difficult to get into outer space nowadays.


Astronaut Project is a project built for designers, photographers, artists or anyone else working in the creative industry. It’s a self-relied system. It has its own domain and web space, so that you can post articles, create project portfolios and even personal online store on your own.

Astronaut Project is a project it could be a website wildly preform the works from whether writers, bloggers, visual art workers, independent brands or individual bookstores. It could alter its layout by changing the themes or by designing on yourself. Further more, for those who’s into business, you could set up your own online store and trade worldwide with just your paypal account.